size_t GetLine(FILE * File, char * Line, int count)

Reads single line from file.

Length of read line, -1 on error.
  • File: File descriptor to read from.
  • Line: Buffer where t ostore result.
  • count: Maximal length of text which can be stored in buffer.

const char* GetGammuVersion(void)

Gets Gammu library version.

const char* GetCompiler(void)

Gets compiler which was used to compile Gammu library.

const char* GetOS(void)

Gets host OS.

const char* GetGammuLocalePath(void)

Returns path to Gammu locales.

void GSM_InitLocales(const char * path)

Initializes locales. This sets up things needed for proper string conversion from local charset as well as initializes gettext based translation.

  • path: Path to gettext translation. If NULL compiled in default is used.

void EncodeHexBin(char * dest, const unsigned char * src, size_t len)

Encodes text to hexadecimal binary representation.

gboolean GSM_IsNewerVersion(const char * latest_version, const char * current_version)

Returns TRUE if firmware version is newer.

True if latest_version > current_version.
  • latest_version: String containing version (eg. latest available).
  • current_version: String containing version (eg. current one).