Publicity for Wammu and Gammu

Publicity is vital for any project. If nobody would know about the project, nobody would use it. So spreading word about Gammu and Wammu might help a lot to gain new users and developers.

On the other side, if you found a bug, please do not leave it described just in your weblog, but report it to us. We really do not follow all blogs in the world to scan for bug reports.

Third Party Applications

You've made some great tool using Gammu? Don't hesitate to write about it. We can also list your tool on our third party applications page, what will in reward bring users to your project. Just let us know about it!

Logos or Screenshots

You can use any screenshots available on this website for your publicity posts as long as you follow license terms. Gammu and Wammu logos are available in various resolutions as well as in scalable format in wammu source repository.