Wammu is a program to manage data in your cell phone such as contacts, calendar or messages. It is built on Gammu library, which provides abstraction layer to work with different cell phones from different vendors (including Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, Huawei and others).


Command line utility which allows to use all libGammu features.

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SMS daemon service to receive and send messages automatically.

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GUI program to manage contacts, todos, calendar and messages in your phone.

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Python bindings for libGammu, so that you can use it from Python scripts.

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Library exporting all Gammu functionality for use in C programs.

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Gammu 1.37.2

Gammu 1.37.2 has been just released. It seems that the 1.37.1 release was unlucky and it was not possible to compile SMSD here. This release fixes it.

Published on April 13, 2016 by Michal Čihař

Gammu 1.37.1

Gammu 1.37.1 has been just released. New Gammu release improves support for some phone models and improves SMSD error reporting.

Published on April 13, 2016 by Michal Čihař

Gammu 1.37.0

Gammu 1.37.0 has been just released. New stable Gammu release collects several bugfixes and improves error reporting.

Published on Feb. 3, 2016 by Michal Čihař

python-gammu 2.5

python-gammu 2.5 has been just released. Bugfix release, mostly for compatibility with recent Gammu versions.

Published on Jan. 19, 2016 by Michal Čihař

Gammu 1.36.8

Gammu 1.36.8 has been just released. New Gammu release is out, mostly fixing problems introduced in 1.36.7.

Published on Dec. 8, 2015 by Michal Čihař


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